Can a non resident buy a car in spain

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In case you decide to buy a second hand car from a private individual you will have to pay the ITP (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales). The percentage varies depending on the autonomous community you are in, the rate is between 4% and 8% on the purchase price of the vehicle.

The IVTM (Impuesto de Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica) is a local tax, payable in the place of residence of the owner of the vehicle. It is an annual tax, the amount to be paid depends on the percentage determined by the local corporation, which will be more expensive the more fiscal horses the vehicle has and depending on the type of vehicle.

Registering the vehicle is an obligatory procedure that must be carried out when buying a new vehicle, it must be done at the DGT so that they can give you the registration plate so that you can later place it on the car and the vehicle’s registration certificate.

This procedure can be done either in person at any Traffic Headquarters or Office, for which you must request an appointment online or by calling 060. The other option is to do it online via the Internet, through the Electronic Registry. You must have a valid electronic DNI or electronic certificate or your cl@ve credentials to access the registry.

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One of the issues that generate more doubts and questions when traveling to Portugal by car is how to pay the tolls of its highways and freeways. The Portuguese country has a double system that is convenient to know to avoid surprises in the form of fines. We tell you all about how to pay tolls in Portugal so that, when you reach the end of the article, you will not have any doubts.

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Once you have been put in the background, it is time to get into the nitty-gritty and explain in detail how to pay tolls in Portugal. The task is simple and does not take more than a few minutes, but it is advisable to be very clear about all the options available and to plan the trip in advance to know if we will have to use some of the roads that force us to go through the cashier.

This is the toll that raises the most doubts and we will discuss all its aspects below. Yes, first we must know which are the highways that have this modality and that as you can see are spread throughout the Portuguese territory.

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Many cars that were bought in their day asking for a credit to a financial institution, have annotated in traffic “reservation of domain” so that it can not be transferred if it is not fully paid. The problem is that despite the fact that it is paid up to date, no financial institution withdraws this reservation annotation if it is not requested by the client. It sounds strange but it is so, and that is why we explain in three simple steps how to leave your car free of charges to be able to transfer it in case you want to sell it:

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The case comes now when I have now bought a new car and mine has been kept by the appraiser, he tells me that the car has a reservation of title since 2011 and that they cannot change the name of the car. I bought it in 2017 and I did not lift any reservation of title since the loan was personal, I do not have how to contact the former owner and I do not know what I have to do to solve it.

More than 5 months ago I bought a second hand vehicle from a company that sells cars, they told me that they were going to give another vehicle to the finance company and now I get two vehicle taxes, mine and the one they put, what can I do?

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As a new Florida resident, you must obtain a valid Florida driver’s license within 30 days of establishing residency in order to drive on Florida roadways. In addition, you must obtain insurance from a Florida insurance agent licensed to sell insurance in Florida in order to title and register your vehicle(s), boat(s) and mobile home(s) within 10 days of establishing residency.

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Applications for driver’s licenses/ID cards must be made in person at any local office offering driver’s license services. When applying for a driver’s license, you will be given a vision test; however, you may be eligible to receive a license without taking a written or road test.

For a list of the required documentation you will need to obtain a Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card, click on the appropriate state of residence below:

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